HN 與 "The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages"

昨天在 HN 看到 The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages ,翻譯一下回應,好激勵自己。


I've read (part of) this book and used it to implement a toy compiler. It helped me a lot in getting a better understanding of Haskell and other functional languages. This is really an amazing book, well worth investing some time into. It starts from simple definitions and concepts and builds up on them - very easy to follow even with little to no previous knowledge of the field.

讀了一部分並用來實作一個玩具編譯器。在理解 Haskell 和其他函數式語言上,幫了很大的忙。真的是本很棒的書,值得花時間在上面。整本書從簡單的定義跟概念開始建立起來,就算沒有該領域的背景,也很好上手。


Once you get to the final chapters, where an intermediate representation of lambda calculus is presented (G-code), read this accompanying paper 1 and wonder where we could be now if the market and hardware manufacturers took a π degree turn to fully support functional paradigms.

一旦你讀到講一種 lambda calculus 的中間形式(G-code)的最後幾章,配著這篇論文 1 並好奇,如果市場跟硬體製造商轉個 π 度,完全支援函數式(程式設計)典範,我們現在會在哪裡。



The Prentice-Hall Series in Computer Science has a lot of timeless content. C.A.R. Hoare was an outstanding editor.

Prentice-Hall 的電腦科學系列有很多經典。 C.A.R. Hoare 是位了不起的編輯。


This is an amazing book. We need more people with writing capabilities like SPJ. Reading this book is almost like inventing compilers for lazy functional languages yourself. There really is no substitute other than actually doing it yourself.

一本驚奇的書。需要更多有著像 SPJ 那樣的寫作能力的人。讀這書就像自己發明 lazy 函數式語言。除了自己作一次外,沒有別的替代方案。


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