the Haskell School of Music

前幾天 @lovecankill 提到 The Haskell School of Music: From Signals to Symphonies 出版了。

查了下才知道在 Paul Hudak 過世後, Donya Quick 接手完成整本書。

Reddit 上的 lovaz 快三年前擔心沒人接手,曾問

But, as some of you know, Mr. Hudak passed away earlier this year and the book is now finished - chapters on frequency modulation are only half way done. Physical Modelling chapter has a lot of empty spaces. I can't understand ideas presented there if there is no explanation :(

hsyl20 回答道:

You should ask Donya Quick: I have been told she is to complete the book.

但我連 The Haskell School of Expression 都還沒讀完,現在衝動購物也沒意思 XD

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